Let the Battle Begin

More dependable than a rising tide. Saltwater breeds a different kind of fisherman. It toughens you. It cures you like bacon. It leaves you thirsty for the next fight. Out here, hard core saltwater fishermen need equipment that is as tough as they are. And as reliable as the pull of the moon. At PENN, we’ve been testing the limits of saltwater fishing since 1932. Which is why our reputation for durability runs so deep. PENN. Let the battle begin.

2021 new Products

Slammer® IV

Squall® II Level Wind

Passion™ II

Pursuit® IV Series

Carnage® III Series

Battle® Fly Series

2021 Brand Catalog

Fly Catalog

2020 Products

Battle® III Reels

Squadron® III rods

 Squall® II Star Drag reels

Squall® II combos

fathom® Low Profile reels

Battalion™ II rods

battle® fly combo

Battalion™ Slow Pitch Rod Series

InternationaL® VI Limited Edition

Squall® Low Profile Reels

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